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Overview of Call Home

posted this on February 17, 2013, 18:56

Opengear console servers and smart routers (console servers) located in sites behind firewalls without public IP access or incoming IP ports can still be monitored and accessed from anywhere with a simple point-and-click, using the central management Call Home feature. 

With this feature the remote console server establishes an outgoing Call Home connection to the central Lighthouse server, or earlier CMS6100 / VCMS server, (referred to from hereon as CMS), and the manager connects to the console server (and all the devices at the remote site) via the CMS  

  1. The console server at the remote site first opens a SSH connection to the CMS, and registers there as a Managed Console Server candidate. Any console server with Firmware V3.2 or later, has Call Home support and can be configured to initiate Call Home to a designated CMS on power up. 

    To initiate this Call Home connection the console server must be able to connect to the CMS using SSH (i.e. the CMS must have a publicly accessible IP address and the console server must have access to that address). It is also important that the CMS has a static IP address. If this is not possible, you must configure the CMS to use a dynamic DNS service. 

  2. When the CMS accepts the Managed Console Server candidate it generates fresh keys for the SSH connection to the console server. The CMS uploads the monitoring and alert profile of the Managed Console Server and a port-forward is set up to the SSH listening port.  

  3. The Managed Console Server is now monitored by the CMS Nagios server. The web console on the Managed Console Server can be accessed by proxy at the CMS. And remote administrators can manage and access the Managed Console Server and its Managed Devices through the port forward using SDT Connector or other SSH tools (refer faq370).

Note: The CMS usually initiates and maintains the outgoing connection to its Managed Console Servers using SSH. This is not possible if a console server has a private, non-routable IP address (as is often the case when they are connected via a cellular modem connection or located on a fire-walled enterprise network).In this situation, the console server must be configured to initiate an outgoing (Call Home) connection to the CMS, as described above. 

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